Geol-Min conducts a broadly defined activity related to exploration, documentation and exploitation of mineral deposits. We are currently the largest supplier of ceramic clays in the Świętokrzyskie region, used for the production of building materials, e.g. clinker products. The raw material comes from the “Józef” mine in Pałęgi, Mniów commune, which belongs to us.

Price of material

The basic price for 1 ton of excavation clay in 2022 is PLN 53 ex-mine “Pałęgi”.
Discounts are possible depending on: order size, delivery schedule and intensity, payment date. The price for “seasoned” raw material, taking into account the costs of storing “stock” may be higher by 5 to 10%.

Company history

The company was established in January 2000 to conduct broadly understood activities related to the exploitation of mineral deposits. It had a lot to do with finding and documentation by geologists Stanisław Piskorz and Józef Szajn, operating as a civil partnership Geomin, of new deposits of red clay, which are a high-quality raw material for building ceramics. In 2001, Geol-Min started exploitation of the first of these deposits – in the “Pałęgi” mine in the Mniów commune, initially as a service, for Geomin S.C., and since 2002, after the transfer of the concession, on its own account.