Company history

About us

The company was established in January 2000 to conduct broadly understood activities related to the exploitation of mineral deposits. It had a lot to do with finding
and documentation by geologists Stanisław Piskorz and Józef Szajn, operating as a civil partnership Geomin, of new deposits of red clay, which are a high-quality raw material for construction ceramics.
In 2001, Geol-Min started exploitation of the first of these deposits – in the „Pałęgi” mine in the Mniów commune, initially as a service, for Geomin S.C., and since 2002, after the transfer of the concession, on its own account.
A few years after the start of Pałęga clay extraction, the amount of exploitation reached almost 100,000 tons per year. At the same time, the company carried out geological exploration of its second deposit – „Gościniec”, as well as design and preparatory work for the launch of the „Kozów” deposit, documented for RuppCeramika Sp. z o. o. (currently BMI Brass sp. z o.o.).

In 2003, the Geol-Min company began research and attempts to expand the scope of use of mined clays. The result was the development of recipes and the start of production, initially in the laboratory, and since 2006 in the Ceramic Mass Production Plant of ready-made masses – plastic and cast. Together with the authorities of the Mniów commune and OHP, a ceramics course was organized, led, among others, by by experienced teachers of the High School of Fine Arts
in Kielce. The Ceramic Mass Production Plant was closed in 2009, and Geol-Min focused its activities on the exploitation and sale of raw material from the “Józef” mine in Pałęgi.
In 2012, our colleague and co-founder Józef Szajn passed away. To commemorate his contribution to the construction and development of the company, we gave the mine in Pałęgi a new name. Since 2013, it has been the „Józef Mine” in Pałęgi.
We have been mining, dumping and selling raw material from our mines for over 20 years. Our advantage is our employees – experienced operators and miners – working with us from the beginning of the company’s existence. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, we provide our customers with the highest quality raw material. You can read its parameters in the „Raw material parameters” tab. We also invite you