Our History

The company was established in January 2000 to run broadly understood activity connected with exploitation of mineral deposits. It was, to a large extend, a result of finding and supplying documentation by two geologists - Mr Józef Szajn and Mr Stanisław Piskorz working as "Geomin" civil law partnership, for new red clay deposit, which is widely used as highest quality raw material to produce building ceramics.

In the year 2001 "Geol-Min" Ltd Co began exploitation of the first of these deposits - in "Pałęgi" mine (clay pit), Mniów commune. At first they provided exploitation services for "Geomin" and in 2002, after transferring a licence, they ran their own excavation. After several years of exploitation in "Pałęgi" clay pit annual output reaches the level of over 100 000 of tons - the largest amount of excavated material used to produce building ceramics in świętokrzyskie voivodship, comparable to total amount of material dug out of all other working mines (clay pits).

At the same time the company was carrying out geological prospecting of the other deposit belonging to "Geol-Min" - "Gościniec" as well as projects and preparatory works to start-up "Kozów" deposit, with geological documentation prepared for RuppCeramika Ltd Co. "Kozów" mine, exploited by "Geol-Min" for RuppCeramika Ltd Co., was started-up in 2004 and exploitation of "Gościniec" deposit began in Autumn 2006.

In 2003 "Geol-Min" Ltd Co began researches and made attempts to extend the range of usage of excavated material. As a result of such venture the company prepared formulae and began production, at first in the research laboratory and since 2006 it has been carried on at the Ceramic Masses Production Plant. The plant produces ready-to- use ceramic masses - both casting and plastic ones , which can be used at plants or workshops producing various household ceramics, by potters and artists. Thanks to this ceramic masses ( and production of their own ware) it gradually becomes one of the very important business area of the company.

The company actively participates in social life of Mniów community. We try to activate uneployed citizens of this commune within the area of our business operations. Together with the authorities of Mniów and OHP we organized ceramic course, led by experienced teachers of Kielce Art School. The result of such course was establishing in Mniów an Association of Folk Handicraft "CERAMIK", uniting mainly young people. Their works were presented during several artistic events for example during tourist fair. The other area of our activity is artistic and household ceramics production. To avoid imitations of designs and mass production we entered into co-operation with world-famous creators and artists:

kursMarek Cecuła - one of the most famous polish ceramics working abroad. He studied and worked in Israel and Brasil, in 1976 he moved to USA, where at first in Washington and than in New York he established ceramic studios. In 1983 he organized in New York Parsons School of Design a department of ceramic art, where he still works. He is the artist supporting the trend of Craft Revival, which in USA is famous for opposing commercialized mass production. He is the author of many outstanding works, for example the monument in Kielce commemorating Jewish people murdered in the ghetto.

kurs Adam Wolski - painter, sculptor, draughtsman, stage designer. The Academy of Arts in Warsaw graduate, faculty of painting. He is the author of monumental stage decorations for important artistic events in Poland and in Kielce. His happenings integrate artistic circles and promote the city of Kielce.

kurs Jan Armański - craftsman and artist from Chałupki, master of potter's wheel. His products are covered with glaze of a very beautiful shade - usually honey coloured. Except simple but tasteful form of the ceramics they are characteristically decorated.