Gościniec Mine

Our History

Gościniec Mine (clay pit) - (the name comes from farmstead of Pałęgi village) is located about 1 km from "Pałęgi" mine (access map).

Geol-Min began in September 2006 exploitation of the deposit, excavating initial completing pit and mining a small amount of mineral. Annual capability of the mine is estimated at ca 250 thousand of tons. The location of the deposit, its precincts, size of the resources and its quality but also the proximity of “Józef” mine in Pałęgi are the greatest assets of this deposit. These are the main reasons why Pałęgi area may be considered attractive to establish a large, modern building ceramics production plant. Since 2017 due to termination of the licence the exploitation of “Gościniec” deposit is suspended.

Gościniec deposit

The deposit has geological documentation supplied in cat. C2+C1. Total amount of resources with supplied geological documentation is 3,88 mln of m3 (over 8,5 mln of tons), on the area of ca 20 ha, at average thickness 18,7 m and maximum depth of geological recognition ca 21 m. more »

Quality parameters

Quality parameters of loamy raw material from "Gościniec" deposit. more »