Pałęgi Mine

Our History

Pałęgi Mine (Clay pit) - located on the grounds of Grzymałków and Pałęgi villages (access map), was started-up by Geol-Min in 2001 . In 2002 the level of exploitation reached over 80 thousand of tons and Pałęgi mine became the largest clayey raw material supplier in świętokrzyskie voivodship.

The main reason for such situation is constantly increasing demand for clay from Pałegi, which thanks to its chemical and mineral constitution but also thanks to its technological properties is the highest quality raw material used to produce ceramics of special requirements such as facing bricks and clinker tiles (floor, wall, windowsill ones) or roof clay tiles.

Our customers are leading producers of such ceramics from different parts of whole Poland - from Toruń, Szczecin, Warszawa, Radom, Starachowice, Przysucha Lafarge Dachy Sp. z o.o. ,(clay roof tiles), Klinkier Przysucha SA, Ceramika Paradyż Sp. z o.o. (clinker tiles),CERRAD sp. z o.o. and others. The raw material from Pałęgi is also well known abroad.

The company obtained all required by law documents and permissions to run exploitation of the deposit but supplied also all necessary infrastructure, including their own access road, electricity, lighting of the mining area, water-supply etc. In order to ensure proper drainage system from the mine there were constructed two stocked reservoirs.

Pałęgi deposit

"Pałęgi" deposit is built of lower trias (middle mottled sandstone) clays and mudstones, of colour from dark red to dark brown with willow-green spots and streaks. Resources of the deposit are, according to the state in 2006, about 6 mln of tons, what would allow, at annual exploitation level reaching 70-140 thousand of tons, to run exploitation for over 50 years. more »

Quality parameters

Quality parameters of loamy raw material from "Pałęgi" deposit more »