Our mines

Pałęgi Mine

Pałęgi Mine (Clay pit) - located on the grounds of Grzymałków and Pałęgi villages, was started-up by Geol-Min in 2001 . In 2002 the level of exploitation reached over 80 thousand of tons and Pałęgi mine became the largest clayey raw material supplier in świętokrzyskie voivodship. more »

Gościniec Mine

Gościniec Mine (clay pit) - (the name comes from farmstead of Pałęgi village) is located about 1 km from "Pałęgi" mine. Geol-Min began in September 2006 exploitation of the deposit, excavating initial completing pit and mining a small amount of mineral. more »


Basic price per 1 ton of clay from the excavation in 2021 is 53 PLN loco "Pałęgi" and "Gościniec" mine. more »